November 12, 2018

Watamu Treehouse

Watamu’s wonderful Treehouse is situated on one of the loveliest and most unspoilt stretches of beach in Kenya. There are no large hotels or resorts nearby – only the occasional private holiday home amid the coastal forest. 

The Treehouse consists of two dramatic towers, linked by stairs, bridges and ramps – their inspiring and organic architecture affords a 360-degree panorama of the Indian Ocean coastline on one side and indigenous woodland, coconut plantations and creek on the other.


Watamu Treehouse consists of Two Towers and a cool-pool which is shared by both towers.

North (Kaskazi) Tower has three double bedrooms, each one self-contained with its own balcony, toilet and shower. Two of the bedrooms have beautiful 360 degree views of the sea and forest and all of Watamu - including the sunrise, sunset, moonrise, stars, etc. 

The third bedroom does not face the sea, but has an incredible view of the forest and sunset. The house also has a kitchen, living/dining room and rooftop lounge area. There are additional sleeping areas and the tower will hold a maximum of 8 people. There are multiple dining areas at all levels.

South (Kuzi) Tower has 4 bedrooms, each of which have at least 2 beds, self-contained bathrooms, balconies, and private dining. All rooms overlook the sea and sunrise, and three of the rooms also look back to the sunset. These rooms are let on a room-by-room basis, where you choose between bed&breakfast, half-board or full-board, for ultimate convenience.

The House
The house itself is situated on one of the most picturesque stretches of Watamu beach, ideally located right opposite the Coral Gardens of the Marine Park. There are no large hotels nearby, only private residences. Built high in the trees, its unique architecture affords a 360 degree panorama of the Indian Ocean coastline on one side and native forest on the other.

The house consists of two towers in the trees, linked by bridges, stairways and ramps. Most of the building was deliberately set above the beautiful coastal forest - for the stunning views and the cooling breeze, and also to avoid unnecessary damage to the natural environment.

The house has few windows - instead it features frames around vistas of nature in all its glory. You share the forest with the birds, insects, small mammals, reptiles and primates. The forest boasts many indigenous trees common to the coastal strip, including beautiful baobabs and many examples of the remarkable bamba-kofi.

Both living and sleeping areas are situated just above the forest canopy, open to the cooling coastal breezes and the scintillating views. You sleep breathing the fresh air of the forest and awaken to the early morning calls of the wildlife - especially birds and sykes monkeys!

The views from the house are stunning. Unusually for the East Coast of Africa, Watamu Treehouse offers a complete 360 degree horizon, affording sensational views of sunsets over forests, coconut plantations and Mida Creek, as well as sunrises and moonrises over the Indian Ocean...

You have a choice of several verandas and a sublime rooftop space, all designed to accommodate both communal activities and private retreats from which to contemplate the beauty of the surroundings.

Please note that the house is built high off the ground. If a fear of heights, climbing up flights of stairs, would spoil your holiday, then this might not be the best house for you. It should also be reconsidered should any member of your party be prone to losing their balance after a particularly long and well-lubricated night!

Yoga at Treehouse is an experience and a winner of Trip Advisor's Certificate of Excellence 2017.
A room built for yoga with almost 360 degree views of the sea and forest. Spectacular sunsets. Serene atmosphere. Connection to Nature.If you are in Watamu come to our open classes every Wednesday and Saturday evening followed by a sunset smoothie.
Every Wednesday and Saturday evening from 5.00 - 6.15 pm at Watamu Treehouse throughout the year.
All welcome - all ages and levels of fitness and yoga experience. Our popular evening classes are a mixture of hatha, ashtanga and vinyasa yoga.
Come to Treehouse 10-15 mins before class to register and relax. Enjoy a smoothie afterwards.

Gentle Adventures in Nature
Treehouse runs daily trips in the sea or Mida Creek - kayaking, stand up paddleboarding (SUP), swimming, snorkelling or walking. The best way to experience the splendour of Watamu.

Kayak and Paddleboard (SUP)

For all levels - from the enthusiast to the beginner...we have double kayaks so you can be accompanied by a guide if needed.

Sunrise or Sunset Trips

Our most popular trips are the sunset trips that run from 4.00-6.30 pm, or the 6.00 am sunrise trips. Trips can incorporate SUP Yoga, bird watching, exploring mangroves and many other variations.

Although the majority of our guests spend most of their time 'chilling', there are just so many activities offered in the immediate vicinity. 

Those with young children might find it difficult to get off the white sandy beach, as it is ideal for building sandcastles and beach combing in the reef pools and sand-spits. Older 'kids' can choose from kite surfing a few metres from the house or windsurfing, canoes and hobie cats at the hotels in the next cove, as well as some of the best scuba diving and deep-sea fishing in Kenya. Kite-surfing at Che-Shale, just north of Malindi, can also be arranged. With your own equipment, of course, then everything can be done right from the house!

Guests of all ages can enjoy snorkeling around coral heads just off the beach, or in nearby Mida Creek; they can visit the Arabuko Sokoke Forest , the Gede Ruins, the Snake Park or the award-winning Butterfly Farm; go shopping or surfing in Malindi; or simply take long, long walks or swims along the uninterrupted beach...

Other activities that can be arranged from the house include dhow-trips up Mida Creek (sundowners, full moon sails), dolphin trips, visiting the Gede Ruins, the Kipepeo Butterfly Project, and trips to Watamu village and traditional dancing evenings with the Giriama - the indigenous people of the area.

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