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Online Travel Consultancy Class

About The Class

Travel consultancy class is an experiential class moderated by the MD Kudu Safaris Mr. Benard Karigo from his 10years experience in the tours and travel industry. The class informs learners on all aspects of the tours an travel business teaching them ad hock skills in opening and running tour companies, management of staff, marketing, quotations and invoices et cetera as well as provide the necessary links in the industry through meet and greet of the guest speaker sessions which enable them to interact learn and ask questions from leading tours and travel leaders.

Travel consultancy class is ideal for persons looking to start a career in the tours and travel industry and build successful hustles rather than waiting for employment. We advocate for being your own boss by starting a successful business learning from the leaders of the industry. Knowledge is Power.

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Class Duration

The class takes 3 weeks with 3 classes per week on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays from 5pm - 8pm.


  1. Introduction to travel consultancy
  2. Requirements for starting Tours and Travel Business
  3. Customer Communication & etiquette
  4. Travel and Hospitality jargon definitions
  5. Geography of tourism destinations and facilities.
  6. Outbound Vs Inbound Target marketing
  7. Park rules and regulations plus charges
  8. How to cost/package a safari.
  9. How to create travel schedule/itinerary
  10. How to create quotations and Invoices
  11. How to create hotel booking vouchers
  12. Basic in Travel Accounting and Financial management
  13. All Do’s and Don’ts of travel consultancy
  14. Digital Marketing of Tours and Travel
  15. Social Media Marketing and Influencer Marketing
  16. Travel associations and Affiliations
  17. Basics in Tour Guiding and Travel Logistics

Fee Structure

Tuition fee Ksh 6,000 (Payable weekly Ksh 2,000)
Field Visit Ksh 2,500 - Optional payable at the end of the class.

Admission Ongoing

Date: 14th November - 2nd December 2023

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